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Unmanned aerial security response will soon be a reality around the world providing a faster, safer and more cost effective response

The security guards of the future

VigilAir is a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that integrates drones into electronic security systems as an automated security response.   As a fully automated ‘eye in the sky’ solution, incorporating an on-site drone and cloud-based SaaS software, it is suitable for university campuses, industrial parks, ports, prisons, town centres and other large areas that are at risk of burglary, vandalism or security compromise. 

The VigilAir system also includes the drone enclosure, weather shield and drone therefore providing the complete solution.

Security Robots Now Available
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Fast, accurate and cost effective


Surveillance cameras are limited. They require intruders to walk slowly past, looking at the lens. Often the images they capture aren’t good enough to allow perpetrator identification. Monitoring devices can alert security guards, but intruders will be gone before the guards arrive.


A rapid response drone literally flies a camera and sensors directly to the crime, records the action and transmits video data instantly to Vigilair’s SaaS platform. In many cases, the immediate attendance by a drone will deter criminal activity. HD images help to identify perpetrators and provide surveillance to support police or enforcement activity.


Intruders caught red-handed by drone

  • VigilAir receives an alarm from a customers electronic security system

  • VigilAir checks the weather data to ensure its suitability for a drone launch

  • A system operator checks the flight routes available within VigilAir and makes the decision to launch a drone

  • VigilAir immediately communicates with the Drone Enclosure and opens it in preparation of a launch

  • VigilAir launches a drone and flies one of a number of pre-determined flight routes

  • VigilAir manoeuvres to the optimal location for surveillance

  • The burglars get a surprise when they see a drone approaching and the camera films them head on

  • The drone films the fleeing perpetrators, sending a live video signal back to base

  • The remote security guard monitoring the action activates the drone’s bright LED floodlights and the 110dB siren

  • The drone cameras follow the fleeing suspects, capturing their vehicle license plate number as they escape

  • As video imagery is transmitted to base, it’s captured with VigilAir’s SaaS software and made instantly available to decision makers

  • The crime has been defeated and the Vigilar drone returns to its base station to recharge in readiness for its next mission

Security Robots Now Available

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VigilAir Limited

PO Box 12 236, Penrose


Tel: 0800 420 032

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VigilAir Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of TPT Group Holdings (NZ) Limited

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